ESAFC Strategic Plan                                2018


PLANNING THE FUTURE: A strategic look at our aspirations and our action plan to achieve them


Eastern Suburbs is currently a club of over 2000 members, experiencing rapid growth in numbers. Whilst the club is still run predominantly by volunteers, our financial turnover is now that of a small non-profit organisation. With rapid growth and limited time and resources, the Club Executives have developed a strategic plan to focus on the following points;

  • Time and resources are limited
  • Effort should be rewarding and not a burden
  • Pressure on “the few” enthusiasts needs to be relieved
  • Aim to capture/encourage new volunteers each season
  • Need better means to bring on and train new volunteers
  • Improve overall club organisation
  • Repeat strongly designed activities each season
  • Harness enthusiasm & skills of new parents/volunteers
  • Clarity required on what we are trying to achieve


To view a copy of Eastern Suburbs AFC’s current constitution, CLICK HERE.

club structure



Vision & Mission


OUR VISION: To become the club of choice in Auckland, through the innovative and progressive management of resources leading to playing success


OUR MISSION: To always display professional excellence, both on and off the pitch, for all ages and abilities in an enjoyable and friendly environment


Key Focus Areas


In order to meet the above vision and mission, two key areas have been identified.



  • Established and effective relationships with stakeholders (Auckland Council, Local schools, AFF, suppliers, members, sponsors, and the local community)
  • Professional staff and management practices
  • Effective communication
  • Improved facilities (playing grounds, lighting, changing rooms, uniforms & equipment, and clubhouse developments)
  • Professional coaching with emphasis on playercentred development
  • Development in knowledge of football skills & tactics (qualified coaches, coaching syllabus, developing referees, and increasing managers)



  • High rates of player retention in all age groups
  • Continuing to recruit new players
  • Have high levels of Representative Players (international, national league, federation, premiership)
  • Have high performance from all teams regarding results, tournament results, league placement, and number of teams in Metropolitan leagues
  • Excellent communications and administrative support


The Club Executives have reviewed Eastern Suburb’s present performance and prepared a business plan to make progress on all primary objectives. For further information, contact our Chairman.


Please get in touch if you are interested in being involved, we are always seeking help on the various volunteer committees.