Senior Women 2018

Woman's Committee chair James Page 021 241 9563 Or email 


If you are new to the club please can you register online however don't make a payment until we have organised a team for you to play in.  Please email James (above) so we can help answer questions and ensure you are included in all the Senior Woman's football matters.

If you did not play for Eastern Suburbs last season, once you have registered and we have placed you into a team, a Clearance form must be completed by you. click on this link to obtain the form. Once completed please send it to our Club Administrator by email. Once you have been cleared you will be eligible to take the field.

If you have any questions regarding this you can ring the Club office on (09) 578 1375 for clarification.


We have a significantly reduced rate for our 18-29 year olds $130  (So under Grade in the drop down menu please pick Young Senior Fee) This represents more than a 50% discount and must be paid before the 1st April or the full Senior fee will be charged.


Games are played at our home grounds or away at grounds across Auckland and Manukau regions. Our home grounds are at Madill’s Farm, Glover Park and Crossfields Reserve.

Kick off times vary but generally are played on Sundays at 11am or 1pm for female players.


Games are played in line with FIFA and AFF regulations and laws.

Referees may officiate games dependant on their availability. If there is not an official referee or a club based referee available, it is customary for the participating teams to referee a half each.

There is a maximum of three substitutes with some lower leagues allowing rolling substitutes, again to a maximum of three players or more if both teams agree.


Generally we will have at least one team competing in each AFF league.
A squad usually consists of at least 15 players and we allow squads to contain a maximum of 18 – some grades allow rolling subs and upto 5 substitutes to be used.


All senior teams commence matches early April 2017. The season is usually complete by the end of August although this will be dependant on the number of matches in each league.


Teams request a time and area for training prior to the start of the season. When the time and area is allotted a training guide will be sent to the team contact.


Club home colours are white and our alternative strip is black.

Players are required to provide the following: (Playing Shirt/Shorts/Socks can be purchased via the MERCHANDISE section of our website). A goalkeepers jersey will be provided but she will still need to buy shorts and socks. 

  • White Eastern Suburbs Shirt
  • White Eastern Suburbs Shorts
  • White Eastern Suburbs Socks
  • Boots
  • Shin pads
  • Any other equipment or kit not supplied by the club
  • There is club monogrammed apparel available for puchase e.g. jackets. 


Eastern Suburbs is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. The membership subscription fees are to cover charges imposed on us by Auckland Football and New Zealand Football, as well as the operating cost of the club.

Senior subscription fees for winter players in 2018 are being charged on a per player basis. Fees are $245 if paid before the 1st March after that date $265. 

All subscription fees must be paid prior to the season starting as the club must pay Senior team fees to Auckland Football at that time. Your understanding and co operation is appreciated. The club has a firm policy for the season of “No pay, No play

We have a significantly reduced rate for our 18-29 year olds $130 (So under Grade in the drop down menu please pick Young Senior Fee).  This represents a significant discount and must be paid before the 1st April or the full Senior fee will be charged.

The ESAFC Board at their discretion will consider individual cases of hardship with respect to fee charges. This consideration will remain confidential and be decided on a case by case basis.  


Refunds attract a 25% deduction to cover service and other non-refundable fees incurred to Eastern Suburbs. No refunds after May 1st.


Auckland Football charges fines for yellow cards, red cards, late game cards etc throughout the season. Please note that your subscription fee does not cover fines. In other words, the fine must be paid by the player or team responsible.Any player who recieves a fine will be invoiced by the club for this fine. The club will not pay player fines. Failure to pay fines may result in the player or team missing games. Currently Yellow cards are $25 and Red cards are $75. These are subject to change as designated by AFF


Online registration will be available from 1st January 2018. If there are any problems with registration please call the office on (09) 578 1375.

Please complete all information as fully and accurately as possible. Please note that all personal information (such as date of birth etc.) may be used collectively to help the club in grants and sponsorship applications etc., but that all data is guarded under the data protection act and will not be made available.

Seniors who wish to play in a specific team that they should note in the appropriate box on the web site during their on-line enrolment session, the name of their team organiser or division they wish to play in.