Junior FAQ's

What time is the cancellation phone line updated?

Juniors phone 083 221 479 after 7.00am on the morning of the game. If the ground conditions are exceptionally bad and the weather report poor, then occasionally the cancellation will be made the day before.

How do I cancel a coaching course if my child doesn’t want to do it anymore?

Contact Tracey - email

When and where are the team photos. How much are they?

All teams will be notified in due course regarding team photos. They are generally held in the first half of the season

Why can’t I play in the same team as my friends that are in my class at school?

We do our upmost to meet the friends requests of every player. Teams are assembled with priority given to the friends requests of players who have a parent that offers to coach.

Common reasons for not getting the friend you requested are:

  • The friend you wanted enrolled late.
  • The friend you wanted requested other friends.
  • The friend you wanted is in a different grade.
  • The team you wanted is already full.

How do I get a refund?

Contact the office on email. Refunds attract a 25% deduction to cover service and other non-refundable fees incurred to Eastern Suburbs. No refunds after May 1st. Refunds will be given to those that we are unable to accomodate into a team. 

Where do I get player of the day certificates from?

Replacement P.O.D. certificates for Juniors are available from Ted down at Madills before your game. Alternatively you can collect from Tracey in the office. ph 578 1375. Youth can contact Tracey also, or contact your grade coordinator

How do I get a new Player of the day trophy?

Are available from Ted down at Madills before your game. Alternatively you can collect from Tracey in the office. ph 578 1375.

We have lost our match ball, what do I do?

Find it. Otherwise same as above or steal one from opposition when playing away. (That's a joke)

Can I get reimbursement for a tournament I paid for on behalf of the team?

50% will be reimbursed and this must be organised with the Chairman of the section prior to entering the tournament. Each section has a budget for tournaments, which can not be exceeded. After approval receipts can be scanned and emailed to along  with bank details for recipient. Please give details of tournament entered.

Team Results – who do we give them to?

Either your Coach or Team Manager should write the results on noticeboard outside the clubrooms after your game.

We want to buy our team medals for the end of the season. Where do we get them from?

These can either be purchased through the club - contact Tracey on - or directly through Alex the Cobbler (

Lost gear

Either contact Tracey email to see if anybody has handed it into the clubrooms or come down to the clubrooms and check through the lost property box.