Junior Coaches Information

The information and links provided on this page are for information relevant to Junior grade coaches.


Useful Tips for Coaches:

Do's and Don'ts and hints: rsuf/CMS5040/file/Dos_and_Dont_s_plus_hints.doc

Junior Coaching Rational: rsuf/CMS5040/file/Junior_Coaching_Rationale.pdf

Coaching Manual for under 6's: rsuf/CMS5040/file/Under_5-6_Coaches_Manual.pdf

Coaching Manual for 7,8 and 9's: rsuf/CMS5040/file/Under_7-8-9_Coaches_Manual.pdf

Games with diagrams: rsuf/CMS5040/file/Games_with_diagrams.pdf

Games without diagrams: rsuf/CMS5040/file/Games_without_diagrams.pdf


If you have any questions about the information on this page please get in touch with office.