5th & 6th Grade Boys and Girls 2018

Grade Coordinator

5th Grade Chris Ruffell - email - 027 246 6001

6th Grade Rebecca Cunningham - email - 021 521 327

6th Grade Taryn Evans - email - 021 253 1742


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Boys and Girls born in 2013 before 30 April are 5th grade. Boys and Girls born in 2012 are 6th grade. If your child is born after 30 April 2013, please contact Chris Ruffell by email - 027 246 6001. We have a program called "Kick Starters" which is specifically designed for underaged and novice players. Details available under "coaching courses" on the drop down menu on the homepage. You can fill out the registration form and enrol, or you are welcome to bring your child to a session and join in to see if they like it. Ring Chris if you would like more information

Where and when

5th and 6th grade plays at Madills Farm on Saturday mornings at 8.15am.

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The teams play on 1/8 of a standard pitch with small goals.
Games are 17 1/2 minutes long with 2 games played each morning. There is a 10 minute break between games.
The games are played with a size 3 soccer ball.


There are few rules.

Players are encouraged to spend as much time on the ball as possible.

There are no throw-ins, free kicks, kick offs or corners.

If the ball goes out of play parents and supporters are encouraged to throw it back onto the field.

When a goal is scored any parent can throw the ball back into the middle of the field. The same applies for goal kicks.

The atmosphere is one of fun and involvement rather than competition.

All players play in the game at the same time. If one team has more players that the opposition then they can either play with a substitute, or give the opposition a player for half a game. If one team has two more players than the opposition then they must give them a player for the whole game. If a team has three or more players than the opposition, then you balance them as fairly as possible.

Team coaches will be on the field to encourage players.

Bad language or bad behaviour is not tolerated.

The club does not tolerate dirty play or poor sports - this includes parents and supporters. Any parent displaying behaviour deemed unacceptable by the ESAFC board risks removal from the club along with the child he / she is responsible for. This is at the sole discretion of the ESAFC board.


Each team has 4-5 members. Please do not request an additional member as "sub" or for any other reason. This request will be declined.
Where possible we put friends in the same team but cannot guarantee this.
Teams will be announced during the last week of the April school holidays.


The first game is Saturday 5th May. The last game and gala day, with rides and activities for the kids, is Saturday Sept 8th. We play the first Saturday of the school holidays, but not the middle or last Saturday (i.e. no game on Saturday 14th / 21st July. )


Players have no formal team coaching organised by the club. Players are encouraged to enroll in the “Kick Starters” coaching program (see details on the registration page).


Players need their own - These can be purchased online from the members login area on the website.

  • White Eastern Suburbs shirt
  • Black Eastern Suburbs Shirt
  • White Eastern Suburbs shorts
  • White Eastern Suburbs socks
  • Boots
  • Shin pads (all players must wear shin pads) 
  • Jacket (optional)

Parental involvement

Each team needs a coach and a manager. During the game each team has a coach on the pitch. Other team parents are rostered to set up and take down the goals for the games and bring the half-time oranges. Parents and supporters must stand outside the main pitch lines to reduce damage to the field.


$155 for the season

Enrol before 1 March and enjoy a $20 earlybird discount

Family discount: From the third playing member (including the third) there is a discount of $70 per player on the registration fee.

Playing up a grade

Players are encouraged to play in their correct grade however occasionally exceptions are made. Players cannot play below their age level. In the Youth grades (10th grade and up) players must play in their correct age group which is why we encourage players to slot into their correct grade as early as possible.